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CMC, founded more than 30 years ago by Christian Moser in Southwestern Germany, the heartland of the German Industry. The area is home to automobile manufactures such as Porsche and Mercedes or Bosch. During this time we have worked for hundreds of companies in numerous industries. We optimize processes and IT systems to massively improve efficiency and productivity. Our ace: We know the processes and structures .. from the operational base up to the management!


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Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia...

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia...

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Christian Moser

CEO & Founder
Formerly known as a self-employed software developer, Christian’s role within the company is shifting as he is the CEO and project manager. What is important to understand about Christian Moser IT-Consulting is that it is not just Christian Moser anymore, but Christian and his team members. The company started out in 1991 while Christian was still in school at Hochschule Furtwangen, his first job was in making software for the auto industry. Growing up in the Black Forest Christian has always been very interested in and influenced by technology. At first Christian never really thought about being self-employed but after this first project, Christian began to love being self-employed. For 30 years Christian was a freelancer; being very hands-on with customers, selling his time to customers, and creating projects. After many years of being a freelancer Christian is ready to expand the company first starting with the Cologne office, and in the future, he hopes to see offices across the world. Christian is very big on diversity, and that is what we see when it comes to CMC. Yes, CMC is a German-based company that started out in Germany, but it is not a company that is only limited to German, and only being in Germany. Christian himself speaks German, English, Spanish, French, and Italian. Christian is also working on learning Indonesian and Chinese. “You can never stop learning, and it is important to me that we are able to work all over the world. I want to be able to be involved in the economy around the world.” “What I want people to know about the new CMC, that is not just me Christian Moser, as an individual but Christian Moser and his team.” Christian doesn’t really view his employees as employees but more as partners, everyone has a very professional tone and an amazing amount of skills. Christian is described not necessarily as a boss, but as a big brother to his employees. Christian is always willing to help anyone, and he always has an answer for everything. He is always guiding his employees and he helps to highlight their strengths and helps with eliminating weaknesses. Which is why the team is able to work so well together because each member brings something extraordinary to the table. What is important to know about CMC is that although Christian is the CEO the show can still go on without him, every member of the team is skilled and able to carry out and complete projects with or without Christian.

Jasper Haag

Software Developer
“Geht nicht” - Gibt es nicht. Jasper findet immer eine Lösung wenn irgendetwas nicht funktioniert. Jasper ist nicht nur ein exzellenter Analytiker sondern verfügt auch über ein breites Spektrum and technischem Wissen. Neuerdings leitet er unserer Entwicklungen im Bereich Oracle-APEX. So können wir unsere Skills in vielen spannenden Kundenprojekten erfolgreich einsetzen aber auch unsere eigenen Entwicklung effizient und effektiv vorantreiben. Seine Sorgfalt und sein Gespür für die Bedürfnisse unserer Kunden und Anwender garantieren, dass wir auf Kurs bleiben und unsere Schlüsselkompetenzen zielgerichtet ausbauen können. Jasper ist ein hervorragender Team-Player und sieht oft schon Dinge voraus an die der Chef nicht einmal im Traum gedacht hat. Teamwork pur! “Doesn't work” - doesn't exist. Jasper always finds a solution when something goes wrong. Jasper is not only an excellent analyst but also has a wide range of technical knowledge. He has recently been leading our developments in the Oracle-APEX area. In this way we can successfully use our skills in many exciting customer projects, but also drive our own development forward efficiently and effectively. His care and his instinct for the needs of our customers and users guarantee that we stay on course and can purposefully expand our key competencies. Jasper is an excellent team player and often foresees things that the boss never even dreamed of. Pure teamwork!